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Speed up your development with Kubernetes and Docker.

Managed Kubernetes

High Availability

All our clusters are running a resilient control plane consisting of 3 Master and Etcd Nodes and multiple worker nodes. In case of a node failure or planned outage (eg. during a scheduled upgrade) your cluster stays fully operational.

  • Periodic Backups
  • Disaster Recovery
  • SLA 99.9 Uptime


All clusters are monitored and operated 24/7.

  • Control Plane (Master, Etcd)
  • API Server
  • Worker Nodes
  • Ingress Load Balancer
  • Addons

We ensure Cluster health. You focus on your applications.

Kubernetes Release

We only deploy and maintain official or certified Kubernetes releases to ensure the quality of our clusters and avoid vendor lock in for our customers.


We want our clusters to be secure and always up to date with the latest features. That's why we upgrade our Kubernetes clusters within 30 days after a new release.

Self Service Dashboard

Manage your Kubernetes clusters with our Web Dashboard.

  • Create and manage Kubernetes Clusters
  • Project- and User Management
  • Addons


We're here to help you.

  • Ticket System
  • Chat (Slack, Mattermost, …)
  • Phone
  • On Site


You're not alone.

  • Getting Started
  • User Guides
  • Tutorials
  • Individual

Secure Private Cluster

All clusters are build with security in mind.

  • API Access via IP whitelisted SSH - Tunnel
  • Firewall & Network Policies
  • Encrypted Internal Communication between K8s components


Secure access to the cluster with Basic Auth, integrate with an existing OAuth provider or a custom solution like a Webhook.

  • Username/ Password
  • OAuthv2
  • Webhook


All clusters use RBAC (Role Based Access Control) and have Network Policies enabled.

  • User Roles/ Groups
  • Namespaces
  • Network Policies

Ingress Load Balancer

  • Public Ingress Gateway
    • IP White/ Blacklisting possible
  • Supported Ingress Controllers
    • NGINX
  • TLS/ Let’s Encrypt Support
    • Cert Manager


Add persistent state to your applications and databases with our fast and resilient Storage Solution backed by Ceph.

  • Automatic Volume Provisioning
  • min. 3 times redundancy
  • Fast HDDs and SSDs

Docker Registry

Store, manage and deploy your Docker Images from your own private, secured and resilient Docker Registry.

Multiple Provider Support

We support multiple providers and depyloment options.

  • Kubernetes as a Service by b'nerd (3 Regions)
    • Hamburg
    • Berlin
    • North Friesland
  • OnPremise
    • Private Cloud
    • Baremetal
  • Public Cloud
    • Google, AWS, Azure, Telekom Cloud, Digital Ocean, Exoscale


We're offering surrounding services.


We get your development team started with Kubernetes.


Continuous Integration and Delivery Pipelines for your applications and workloads.

K8s Migration

Support with migrating your applications and workloads to Kubernetes.


Start small, grow big.

We empower all sizes of Kubernetes Clusters. Please contact hello@bnerd.com for an individual quote according to your needs.


Do you have any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us directly. Our team will come back to you within matter of hours to help you.

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