Cluster Details

With b'nerd you get a fully managed Kubernetes Cluster with Admin Access. That means you're free to configure and use the clusters to your liking. Nevertheless this site provides some more details on the default configuration of a b'nerd Kubernetes Cluster.

Default Cluster Configuration

  • Highly available control plane (3x Master/ Etcd nodes)
  • Multiple Worker Nodes
  • End-to-end encryption between Kubernetes components
  • Calico or Weave Networking (enables Network Policies)
  • Persistent Volumes (HDDs, SSDs)

Installed Addons

Addons: What's not installed?

We intend to keep our clusters simple and clean. That's why we do not install more additional Kubernetes Addons by default. But it's ease to do so. We provide User Guides for some of the most popular Addons.


Hyperconverged Kubernetes Cluster

Overview of an hyperconverged Kubernetes Cluster provisioned by b'nerd.

Example Kubernetes Cluster, bnerd.